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Selenium 101 for starters on the automation profession.

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About The Course


Course Curriculum:

Selenium Course Content: 35hrs



Introduction to Automation

Why and when will we go for Automation

What is the use of Automation

What is the difference between Selenium and QTP


About Selenium:

What is Selenium

Advantages of Selenium


Different flavours of Selenium:

Selenium IDE

Selenium RC

Selenium Grid                                                                          

Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 2.0


Selenium IDE Introduction:

Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE

Features of  Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE Icons

Recording your first test with Selenium IDE



How to identify elements in webpage using Selenium

Tools to identify elements/objects


IE Developer tools

Google Chrome Developer tools

Locating elements by ID

Finding elements by name

Finding elements by link text

Finding elements by XPath

Finding Elements by using CSS



Selenium IDE Concepts:

IDE Context Menu

Asserting the elements

Verifying the elements

WaitFor elements

Storing the elements

Adding Selenium IDE comments

Building Test cases using Selenium IDE

Synchronization commands

Working on pages with AJAX

How to use looping statements like IF, while  in IDE with few examples

Usage of goto commands in IDE

Capturing screenshots in IDE

Generating Dynamic values using JS functions

Usage of JS functions with IDE

Handling alert messages in IDE

Creating test suites

Framework in IDE

What you cannot record


Selenium IDE Commands:

goBack, refresh, Enterkey simulation, highlight ..etc.

Selenium IDE script without record and playback


Core Java

• Introduction To Core Java

• Environment variable configuration

• What is oops?

• What is a class and object?

• What is a main method?

• Basic Example

• Datatypes

• variables

• Operators

• Arrays

• Conditions

• If

• If-else

• If –else –If

• Nested If

• Select Case

• Looping Conditions

• For – Next

• Do – loop

• While –loop

• For Each loop

• Branching statements

• Break Statement

• Return Statement

• Continue statement

• Java Built in methods

• String Methods

• Math object methods

• Date & time methods

• Oops Concepts

• Introduction

• Class

• Object

• Static Keywords

• Constructors

• This Key Word

• Inheritance

• Super Key Word

• Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding)

• Abstraction

• Encapsulation

• Abstract Classes

• Interfaces

• Working with regular expressions

• What is regular expression

• Where we will use

• Regular expression syntax

• Examples on regular expression

• Working with files

• Working with Files and I/O

• Working with Excel files

• Working with data base.

• Working with Property files

• Java Exceptions

Debugging the Scripts

• Inserting Break Points

• Watch variables

• Step Into

• Step Over

• Step Return

• Run To line

• Terminator


Selenium Remote Control:

What is Selenium Remote Control

Overview of  Selenium Remote Control using JAVA

Download selenium RC

Installing selenium RC

Starting selenium server from Command prompt

Stopping selenium server from Command prompt and Browser

Running selenium scripts/tests from Command prompt using selenium RC

Executing Selenium- IDE Test suites on Different browsers

Report generation for selenium scripts


Selenium RC using Eclipse:

Set up Selenium RC in Eclipse using Junit

Starting Selenium RC from eclipse

Stopping Selenium RC from eclipse

Start and stop selenium RC from Selenium Script

Converting Selenium IDE tests to a programming language(JAVA)

Running Selenium script in Different Browsers with Eclipse and JUNIT.

Writing Selenium tests from scratch using Junit

Junit Annotations

Junit Methods

Debugging Scripts in Eclipse

Frequently used Selenium commands

Syntax of each command

Test Suites using JUNIT

Report Using ANT Build and Junit


Sample Programs in RC:

Identifying objects on web page like -

Text box,  Link,  Button, Checkbox

 Radio Button,  Drop Down Box,  Select value

 Display all values

 Select values step by step

 Write all values into Notepad/Excel/WordPad.

 Capture screen shot

 Handle alerts

 How to read values from excel sheet

Create a Junit suite


Storing Attributes.

Handling Multiple windows and popups

Handling HTTPS sites



Introduction about TestNG

How to Install TestNG plugin in Eclipse

TestNG sample script

Writing Selenium testing script from scratch

Creating Test suites using TestNG

Reports generation using TestNG


Object Repository:

Use of Object repository

How to use OR in Scripts

Sample scripts using Object repository


Web Driver:


Webdriver  vs Selenium RC

Downloading and configuring  web driver in Eclipse

Drivers for Firefox, IE and HTML Unit driver

First Selenium WebDriver Code


Identify Objects using WebDriver:

Text box, Link, Button

Checkbox, Radio Button, Drop Down Box

Select value, Display all values

Write all values into Notepad/Excel/WordPad.



Capture screen shot(positive)

Handling On load alerts

Page scroll down using Java script

HTML Unit Driver

Handling Multiple Windows

Implicit wait

Handling Ajax Auto suggests

Handling web tables

Handling Test data in Excel sheet

Generating test results and detailed Summary Report

Handling Alerts, Browser windows, Application windows & pop-ups


Actions Class:



Mouse over


Simulating Right click



  • Handling file download pop-up using web driver
  • Handling file attachment window using -Auto IT tool Third Party Tool
  • About "Batch execution in TestNG"
  • About "Parallel Execution TestNG"
  • Introduction to framework and its components
  • About page design pattern
  • About Hybrid frame work with POM
  • Design Hybrid framework with all components


Customized Framework using  Functions and

Object Repository:

Writing Common Functions:

  1. What is function
  2. What is the use of function
  3. How to reuse

Writing Web driver Functions:

  1. Type, Click, Clickandwait
  2. Rowcount, Column count,
  3. Istextpresent
  4. Element present


Selenium Grid:

About Selenium Grid


Getting started with Selenium Grid

How to use Grid

Final Touch: any doubts regarding Selenium web driver, Framework concepts while implementing in their projects. [Doubt clarification sessions around 5 to 6 hours]

Interview Point of View Discussion on Selenium concepts.

No Any FAQ's.



Getting Started with Selenium Webdriver

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