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To provide educational solutions with innovative teaching practices.
We are but a bunch of light-hearted nutcases who thought learning does not have to stop when we give you the diploma; that must be only the beginning. Since we know good steel is forged with the best iron we want to be the ones to forge you and then tell you: pal, this is the company that’s going to have foundation and support for you.


QA Academy is an educational platform that helps students gain the skills to break into the software development industry and have a long lasting career in software development. You can learn new courses with us, fine-tune your current knowledge and practice all of them at your own time. You can also take exams to review whether or not your skills have improved and find new places to perform professionally. Finally, after you gain the skills you can become one of our certified mentor and help give back to the community.


To provide high-quality learning and testing material in order to prepare you as a high-quality professional that will add high levels of value to either the company you work on or the entrepreneurships you decide to start, this will bring along the bonus of turning us into the biggest quality teachers worldwide but hey, we’ll only be as good as you are!. With the help of fast-paced yet engaging study environments we know you’ll have the best place to learn more than you expect… and won’t fall asleep in the process. We also aim to let your capabilities go to no waste by helping you find a place where to let them shine so you are ready to go as soon as you are ready and done, got it?.

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